Daphne Horowitz MD FAAP
I am so happy to return to the Santa Clarita Valley. I truly missed the sense of community that this valley has. I want to provide that same feeling in our practice. I want to offer a sense of comfort and personal care that is hard to find in medicine these days.
We moved our family to Portland for a “better and more beautiful lifestyle.” Although we loved it there we missed the feeling of warmth and comfort that we felt in Santa Clarita. Prior to moving to Portland I worked in Valencia for five years. I was in the LA area for a total of 11 years after finishing residency in Pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente Sunset in Los Angeles. I am originally from NYC and still love to go back there to visit.
My husband and I love spending time with our three daughters. We all enjoy water sports, travel, and spending time with family and friends. I love biking, working out, reading, and working on my scrap books.
I am thrilled to be back home!