Discovery Pediatrics takes personal care and service to a new level.  We are re-inventing office pediatric care and the needs of patients and families take center stage.  Our dedicated physicians, Drs. Daphne and Paul Horowitz have cared for thousands of Santa Clarita children over the years.  They are taking a bold step to develop a practice that holds true to their beliefs and exceeds the expectations of their patients.
When Drs. Daphne and Paul Horowitz decided to move back to Santa Clarita, they knew that they wanted to do something different.  They wanted to create a practice that is satisfying for their patients/families, and satisfying for themselves. They don't want to grow a practice beyond its capacity.  They want only to provide excellent care and service.  They keep enrollment at a fraction of traditional practices, in order to provide care that is much more personal, attentive, and accessible.  They build long-lasting relationships with the families in the practice.
Over the years, many doctors have increased their "volume of patients seen" beyond their capability.  This is not satisfying for either the patients or the physicians.  Some payment schemes are based on spending only 4 minutes face to face doctor and patient!  This philosophy runs counter to the reasons Drs. Horowitz chose medicine as a profession.
The Big Idea
Ours is a unique practice; there is a fee that pays for services not covered by traditional insurance and allows us to not fill up with an unmanageable number of patients.  We believe that many of those services are essential to good care.
Discovery Pediatrics features:
  • Personal, attentive care from people who genuinely know and care about you and your family.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.
  • Minimal or no wait time.
  • Prenatal visit or interview; discussion about what to expect after delivery.
  • 24 hour ability to send a secure email to your child's physician.  email conversations (up to 15 per year) can be in-depth and might even take the place of some visits.  
  • House Calls on occasion.
  • Phones answered promptly and professionally.
  • Appointment scheduling in a way that meets your needs (phone, email, etc.).
  • Environmentally responsible healthcare.  We are as green as possible, reducing paper and we use environmentally responsible products.
  • email capabilities including refill requests instead of waiting on hold or leaving a voicemail message.
  • Community advocacy to build a culture of health for everyone in our region.
  • Creative delivery of care that is based on the best evidence available for screening tests, prevention, diagnoses, and treatments.
  • Extended telephone conversations with the physician (up to 10 per year).  This might take the place of some visits (for conversations about medication dose changes, discussion of treatment options, or detailed coordination of care, for example).
How much does it cost?
These fees are paid on enrollment into the practice.  Enrollment in the practice will be limited.  Fees are subject to change.
All Ages
Annual Per Child or
First Child
Second Child
Third Child and beyond
****No annual fee for 4th child and beyond****

Which health insurance do we take?
We are contracted with many insurance plans.  Check with your plan to see if we're in your network.  We do not accept HMO insurance.  We do have many patients whose employer provides HMO but they are seen here on a fee-for-service basis.  They get discounts on our services and if there's ever a need for expensive tests or costly vaccines, many choose to use their HMO coverage for that.  Please call the office with any questions and see how different we are.