Q. How can we see one of the doctors at Discovery Pediatrics?
A.  Simply give the office a call and one of our team will share details about how to enroll in the practice.
Q.  What kind of insurance do you accept?
A.  We will accept any type insurance for payment, but in some cases, we will be out of network and you will be responsible for covering the charges.  PPO's work best.  We offer a 20% discount for families who pay in full at the time of their visits and wish to avoid dealing with the insurance companies completely. This discount does not apply to the annual fee.  Please call the office for details.
Q. Do you accept HMO insurance?
A.  We do not accept any HMO insurance at this time.  Families with HMO coverage, like anyone else, can be cared for at Discovery Pediatrics on a discounted fee-for-service basis described above.