This is the pediatric practice of Drs. Daphne and Paul Horowitz in Santa Clarita.  We have created a very different sort of pediatric experience.  We want to get back to the reason we went into medicine to begin with; to deliver care to our patients and treat them like family.  Discovery Pediatrics delivers accessible, top quality care, with an emphasis on service and trust.  Our welcoming staff, warm, cozy but professional environment, and higher-than-expected level of service distinguish us from all other practices.  Discovery Pediatrics values your time and genuinely cares about your family’s health. That’s what we are known for—our sincere commitment to you.

We have small "well" and "sick" reception rooms (nobody should expect to wait, so we don't call them waiting rooms).  We don't have receptionists to get in the way between you and us either.  Our team members work in both the front and back office; so  the chances are good that the person who answers the phone is the same person who took your child's vitals, or gave her vaccines....

Discovery Pediatrics is a unique practice; there is a fee to cover costs that are not normally paid by traditional insurance.  We also bill insurance in the same way a traditional office bills insurance companies.  Our practice limits the number of children enrolled, in order to provide superior service.

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Some special features:

 Feel free to browse around this site to see how we're different, and how we deliver on our promises.  Please give us a call to learn more and discover our commitment to quality and service.

27420 Tourney Rd. Suite 150 Valencia, CA 91355

Empty Reception=NO WAIT

The way we have designed our practice, our reception almost always looks like this so we can see you on time.

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